River Rafting

If you love the water element you can live the experience of rafting that offers direct contact with the water in conjunction with the sail through majestic landscapes alternating quickly.
You can select any of the exciting trails tiered difficulty we suggest, ideal for beginners and advanced must.
If you have no prior experience of rafting our guides will advise you on the technical staging – rowing boat, special orders and dangerous parts of the river.

The most representative rivers for rafting in Greece and the region are as follows:
Aoos, the only Greek river which flows outside the Greek borders, for a unique experience of rafting,
Voidomatis, passing through the heart of the National Park of Vikos – Aoou, below the Papigkon, famous for its c;ean, drinking water (rafting at Zagoria is must!),
Arachthos watersheds, with the rugged gorge and two of the most famous bridges of Epirus, these Plaka and Arta makes rafting in Arachthos Tzoumerka an unforgettable experience,
Kalamas, easy river rafting, which even the ancients used for waterborne movements,
Venetikos, a tributary of Aliakmona, the longest river in Greece.
Rafting in Venetikos and Aliakmonas is an Unforgettable Experience.

International trips descents rafting: the Zambezi, Peru, Nepal, organized excursions for experienced and non-hunters adventure. in cooperation with Rafting Tours Augsburg.
Hot dog - For more adrenaline and different emotions from rafting, rapids and one-seater or two-seater Colorado inflatable boats. An innovation for the Greek rivers, you can raft with another type of boat, narrower and more flexible. The technique is more aggressive, faster and will definitely leave you speechless.

Our company besides rafting, kayak organizes learning schools after consultation with you.
Attending the school is necessary for the proper and safe learning from your instructor the handling and the descent down the river with flexible boats or kayaks, offering a different kind of experience from rafting.

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